You Are Very Expencive

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How valuable are you?
The question I think most people have is: What is my value? How much am I worth?
How do you answer this question? What kind of criteria should we have for what we are worth?

Maybe some of us see ourselves in the mirror and some are thinking, I must be worth something. I look young and have an ok body. Others see themselves in the mirror, and seeing wrinkles and a big belly and thinking that I may not be worth so much.
Still others think that I must be worth something, because I've got a good education, have a pretty good salary and has a reasonably high social status. I own three homes, four cars and I am always flying first class, so I got to be worth something.
Others think that I got to be worth something since I have so many friends, I have more than
1000 friends on Facebook. I have a good reputation and I have worked hard for people to like me, so I have to be worth something.

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