The Spirit of Rejection

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The Spirit of Rejection (tr)

Let me fist if of all give you good news: Rejection is not you. Even though you can feel like Rejection is part of your life, and it can even feel like it is part of your identity, but that is not who you truly are. It is just a spirit that have programmed you to think and act in a certain way. Your true identity is that you are a son or daughter of God, and he loves you even if you act out the lies from the spirit of Rejection.

It does not say directly in the Bible that there is a spirit called rejection, but I think there is something called a spirit of Rejection.

This is the spirit I may have struggled the most with in my life, and I will try to show you that this is the spirit that has often a lot of influence over us. Religion and Legalism is built on this spirit. Condemnation and guilt comes from this spirit too.

I was not aware of how much rejection influenced my life before I was at a prayer centre in the United States a few years back.
I remember the night had a dream there where someone that was close to me rejected me greatly. It was a little strange, but when I woke up, God's peace was upon me, which told me that this dream was from God. God wanted to show me something.
Light later in the day there was a couple who wanted to pray for me, as they put her hand on me, the woman that prayed felt a strong rejection of me.

If I had not had this dream that night, I would probably just have dismissed it and thought that they were only overly spiritual and had not heard from God.

But when I started thinking a bit about it, I saw more and more how this spirit had controlled my life, and a little later I saw that fear of rejection and rejection was the cause of all food allergies I struggled with.

Have you ever asked God why so little going on in your life, why you do not see as much of his power?
You know, that you know that God exists, you really don't doubt so much that, yet you do not see people and yourself are free or are experiencing as much of the power of God as you can read about in the Bible.

You know that God can heal and deliver people today, and you can see that he uses some others to this. But what you feel is that God really cannot use you.

When you pray for someone you feel doubt coming, and you are unsure if something will happen. What is this? I am convinced that this is the spirit of rejection that hinders you. It will often point to weaknesses in our lives, and say that God may use others but not you, it will not happen for you because ... and, he gives you all the reasons why God can not use you. It reminds you about sin you did yesterday, it reminds you that you should have been holy by now, that you should have prayed more, that you should, that you should.

If you have thoughts like should, would, if, if only, etc. these thoughts are from the spirit of rejection. It will always require some more of you, it will never be satisfied.

You can never satisfy a spirit of rejection, and as long as it can drive you, you will never be completely satisfied, no matter how much good is happening to you.

Rejection will drive you so that you are burned out and exhausted.
If you feel there is something that always drives you, that you must always do something better. You constantly feel that everything must be perfect. Are you what we call a perfectionist? You should know that it is often the spirit of rejection that drives you? All this as I have mentioned here is the spirit of rejection behind.
Rejection will never be satisfied

  • Rejection would lead to unbelief, or it is a form of unbelief.

Rejection will result in you being double minded. Double minded is in a way that you have two minds, and you have trouble making up your mind. You are like a wave of the sea, thrown hither and thither by every wind that comes. This means you are easily controlled by circumstances and feelings, and you are afraid to take a wrong or not perfect choice.

If you've been a Christian for a while, you probably know what is the truth, but the rejection will set the question of whether God will do it for you.

  • Rejection is a thief who will steal your life from you slowly.
  • The rejection also puts you up to be rejected.

Rejection will always show you a future where you will be rejected and where you will not feel that you are satisfied.
It will also tell you lies about your identity and what you are going to be one day.

Rejection will also make sure you seek love in the wrong places, or you always want others to notice you and recognize you.
If you always want recognition from the opposite sex, that you are searching for it all the time, it might be that you want to have constant eye contact and flirt with the opposite sex, maybe even after you are married, it is a spirit of rejection that is behind it.

 It is ok to have eye contact and flirt with the other sex, but I'm talking about doing this exaggerated. So do not misunderstand me here and I think that I say you can not make eye contact with a woman or a man or never flirt in any way, but if it is something that always drives you and you never will be satisfied, even when you are married, this is a sign that you need to do something about rejection.

The reason why this drives us is the longing for being loved and accepted and the desire to be loved gives more fuel to rejection.

Spirit of rejection will separate you in three levels.
Separation from God, yourself and others.

If you have experienced rejection, you may soon also feel that God has rejected you, and pull away from God. Or you are constantly afraid that he will reject you, that's exactly what condemnation is. Condemnation is a fear of rejection, I do not know if you've thought about it? If you are struggling a lot with feelings of guilt and condemnation, this has its roots in the fear of rejection.

When you believe in the lie of rejection you can easily reject your self as well, by being angry at yourself, condemn yourself for sin you have done and blame yourself.

Once you have rejection you will also reject other people. You will actually not be able to love both God and other people. Rejection makes you pull away from other people.

The devil wants you to experience and be rejected, for it is the main thing that will separate you from love, both from God and from others, and also be able to accept and love yourself (when I say, love yourself, it does not mean being selfish).

The Devils are terrified that you will discover how much God really loves you, because it will do great damage to his kingdom. Therefore, you will also encounter resistance when you've decided to go after Gods love.
When I teach about God's love and grace, those that I have the most resistance from, and persecute me most, are those that are religious or legalistic, because there is a strong spirit of rejection in religion, which does not want you to discover God's love !

How the spirit of rejection may have gained a foothold in our lives.

  • Rejection of your generation (generational curse)
  • You were a result of a non desired pregnancies.
  • Your parents wanted a boy and a girl.
  • You were adopted.
  • One or both of your parents died when you were a child.
  • Often they feel that is the second child in a family, more rejection than others, especially if there are three or more children in a family.
  • You were conceived in pure lust, not love.
  • Your parents got divorced.
  • The absence of a parent, especially a father.
  • Not been loved like you should by your parents, especially from your father.
  • Been abused.
  • Rejected by the opposite sex, especially in teens.
  • Not being married, loneliness.
  • Long-term illness (one can easily feel rejected by both God and man when you have a disease).
  • Divorce.
  • Legalistic and religious preaching.
  • A broken heart. (For example, a girlfriend who broke up or divorce)
  • Lost someone close to you (can be children, husband, wife, mother, father, a good friend or even a dog).
  • In general, rejected by others.
  • With more ..
  • Fruits of rejection:
  • You pull away from other
  • You pull away from God.
  • You search for love in the wrong places (pornography, sex fantasies, fornication etc.)
  • Negative and perverse desires
  • Condemnation
  • Guilt
  • That you judge others
  • Legalism
  • Disbelief / not trust God
  • Worry
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Perfectionism
  • Not willing to be open, confess sin.
  • Fear of rejection
  • Even hatred
  • Blame or condemn themselves
  • Being double minded
  • Depression
  • Hopelessness ( Jer 61:3)
  • Discouragement
  • Anxiety
  • Human Fear
  • Do not trust in God, yourself or others
  • Accusations against God, yourself or others
  • Loneliness / isolation
  • Laying
  • Self-pity
  • Jealousy and envy
  • Uncertainty
  • Low self-esteem
  • Fear of making mistakes
  • Fear of abandonment
  • Something that always drives you
  • Stubbornness
  • Idolatry
  • Rebellion
  • Control over others
  • Ingratitude
  • With more ....

How to fight and win victory over rejection.

There is really only one answer to this: See that your Father in heaven accepts you totally, and that you are loved unconditionally!
I like the translate they have in Thai what it comes to explain unconditionally: Cannot be bought for money. And that is true: His love cannot be bought for money; you can neither try to by his love by your good works. Like pray, read the Bible, don’t do any sin etc.

  • Rejection is a feeling to not being wanted or loved. It also means: Not fit for use.

It is also true that when you receive love, the rejection in you will reject it. You reject the thing that you need the most.
But you have to tear down the wrong idea of rejection that spirit has been built in your thoughts and mind, you need to believe and see that God loves you unconditionally and that you are accepted by Him!

  • Because God is love, he cannot stop loving you!
  • If God is love, he needs someone to love.
  • Only what God says about you is true, not what you think and feel, and what others have said about you!

So let what God tells about you be true, and every other words and thoughts, or what someone else have said about you be a lie!
Rom 3:4
But let God be true, and every man a liar;

1 John 4:18
There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear, because fear has torment. He who fears has not been perfected in love.

1 John 4:18
There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

If the rejection were not a problem for you, what would you feel? Well you would feel loved, accepted and happy. And that is how God wants you to feel!

Also watch this video!
The Spirit of Rejection (tr)

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