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A Freedom Seminar

Galatians 5:1
For freedom did Christ set us free:stand fast therefore, and be not entangled again in a yoke of bondage. (ASV)

When Jesus came, he came to set the captives free. He came to set free those who are oppressed. He came so that we should be free and have life.
If this is true, how come that you still feel bound and oppressed. It might be sin that you're struggling with or weaknesses, defeat and sickness. If Christ have set us free, why do we still struggle with this things?
Is it because of lack of holiness or is it that we don't try hard enough to be free?
In my whole life I have been looking for this freedom to manifest, but often it only seemed to be a partial freedom.

About this seminar

This seminar is about how to experience the freedom that Christ already have paid for you to have. It will give you truths that will set you free to live in this freedom. It is not a freedom to sin, but a freedom from the power of sin. It will help you to see your true identity and your true value and how much you are loved by our heavenly Father.

This seminar has four days and it is four parts in each day (except for day 4).


  • I have made this seminar totally free, but it still have cost me some money, and I need support for the teaching I am doing both on the net, but also as I share this teaching around the world, for time being mainly in Asia and Thailand.
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The Vision

1 Encourage you to grow in your Christian life and to get a deeper understanding of who God is and His love for you! (1John 4:17)
2 Helping you to stand against our enemy, the devil, so that you can experience the victorious Christian life! (James 4:7, Rom 8:37, 1Pet 5_8-9)
3 Inspire you to teach others! (Matt 28:18-20)
4 Equip and inspire you so that you can go out and tell others about the Good News! (Mark 16:15-18)