What is Your True Identity? (mp3)

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Dr. Jekyll and Hr. Hyde Christian? What is your true identity?

Do Christians have two natures? Do you have one evil nature and one good nature on the inside? Is it your evil sinful nature, which causes you to sin?

In this teaching, I will answer these questions. I think the answer will surprise you, and maybe even challenge what you already have heard and been taught about this topic?

Have you tried again and again to win victory over sin issues you are struggling with in your life, but you constantly feel that it is a part of you that you cannot put away or conquer? 
You feel like you're stuck and you will never get away from it? You feel powerless about your sin problem and other problems such as fear and worry, and you think: Is there any way out; are there some answers out there?
You try to change but it's like you never succeed. It is like the evil that I don't want to do is the very thing I do, and the things I don't want to do is the things I do.

Is this a normal Christian life? Should it be like this or is it something that can set you free from this vicious circle?

This statement might shock you: A Christian that sin has not a sin problem, but a identity problem. It is not lack of restrictions and rules, it is a lack of revelation.


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Dr. Jekyll and Hr. Hyde Christian?

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What is Your True Identity?
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