What is the Will of God? (mp3)

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What is the will of God for your life?
This audio teaching is with translation, it is translatet into Shan.

Is everything that happens to you and in the world God's will?

I have often heard people say that when something bad happened, that God somehow most have willed it. It can be an accident that someone experienced or someone who died of cancer.
But are all bad things that comes your way God's will? I am convinced that it is not so.

To say that everything that happens is God's will is actually a demonic lie, for it makes us ineffective and unable to resist and fight the devil. Why should we, for example, pray for one thing, when God has already determined the outcome of our prayer? And why fight against sin, if I cannot do anything about it?

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What is the will of God? (tr)

Listen to the teaching.
This audio teaching is with translation, it is translatet into Shan.

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