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The teaching about "The Holy Spirit" is a very important subject for us Christians, whether you call your self a Pentecostal, Baptist or Lutheran! For it is when we discover The Holy Spirit and His power and gifts that we are effective in reaching out with the gospel. The Christian life will then also be exciting, because it will give us power and strength in whatever we do or what happens in our life.

Our enemy does not want us to discover The Holy Spirit and His power, for then we will also discover the power that enables us to live a victorious life and see that the kingdom of God goes forth today with signs and wonders!

In Norway and in the West, we don't always see results of the work of The Holy Spirit, and some might think that He disappeared by the early Christians, but I'm working  abroad as a missionary in Asia, and has been in nearly 40 countries and I have seen that The Holy Spirit did not disappear by the apostles! I have have seen dumb speak, the lame walk, people speak with new tongues, and people who have been tormented by demons be set free! (Some of this I will share with you in this teaching.)

I know that Jesus commanded his disciples in Mark (and Matthew 28) is also for us today!


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Part 1. Supernatural Reality and Who is The Holy Spirit?

Part 2. Baptism in The Holy Spirit

Part 3. Speaking in Tongues

Part 4. Manifestation of The Holy Spirit (the anointing , the presents, His voice etc.)


For a newer version on this two parts see the link below.
The Gifts of The Spirit (tr)

Part 5.
Manifestations gifts in 1Cor. 12 (1)

Part 6. Manifestations gifts in 1Cor. 12 (2)

Listen to a new and extended teaching on the Gifts of the Spirit here!
The Gifts of The Spirit (tr)



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The Vision

1 Encourage you to grow in your Christian life and to get a deeper understanding of who God is and His love for you! (1John 4:17)
2 Helping you to stand against our enemy, the devil, so that you can experience the victorious Christian life! (James 4:7, Rom 8:37, 1Pet 5_8-9)
3 Inspire you to teach others! (Matt 28:18-20)
4 Equip and inspire you so that you can go out and tell others about the Good News! (Mark 16:15-18)