The Grates Fear of a Christian

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Even as Christians we can have a lot of different fears.
It can be worry, which is a form of fear, or fear for the future. We might have phobias or habits that are rooted in fear.
We might have fear of getting late to work, oversleeping, fear of what we eat, fear of sickness or not getting healed and so on.

As a Christian, we try to encourage each another by saying that we don't need to not fear anything, it is even written 356 times in the Bible, one for each day, we say, so that's why we don't need to fear anything.
But weekly I meet Christians and I get responses from my web site from people who have a great, great fear, even though they may not be aware of it themselves.
Can I tell you what kind of fear this is?
They have a fear that God will not hear their prayers, protect them, heal them, forgive them, provide for them or it may even be that they are afraid that they have lost their salvation because of a sin they did. Or it can also be that they have not read their Bible lately, gone to church, prayed for a while or not obeyed and followed God's perfect will in every way. They have a fear that God is dissatisfied and that they are not pleasing to him, and because of this God will reject them in some ways.
Can I tell you a truth? You've been lied to! You believe in the lie that you are still under the law, in some ways!
This might even be the main reason why you have not seen your healing yet, not that you have not done everything perfect before God.

This sermon also include my personal testimony of healing, and it is translated into Thai.



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