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There are two fundamental questions we need to ask:
Who is God? And who am I? This two questions are connected to each other, it is also connected to who are they?
If we get the first question wrong, we also get the second and third question wrong. Because your picture of who God is determent how you look at your self and then others again.

If you think God is a strict and law demanding person, looking down at you from heaven and judging you for every bad things you do. The picture you have about your self will also then be distorted, and your relationship with your self and others will also be wrong. I meet a lot of christian hating themselves (and usually they are not aware of it) and are very judgmental towards other people.

This teaching will help you to get tings right.

This teaching is taught in English, but is translated to Shan language.

God is Love

Love will make you stop sinning

Who are you?

God has forgiven you

God restores you, not repairing you

You are very expensive

Change your thinking is repentance

In a new Kingdom and you have a new identity.


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The Vision

1 Encourage you to grow in your Christian life and to get a deeper understanding of who God is and His love for you! (1John 4:17)
2 Helping you to stand against our enemy, the devil, so that you can experience the victorious Christian life! (James 4:7, Rom 8:37, 1Pet 5_8-9)
3 Inspire you to teach others! (Matt 28:18-20)
4 Equip and inspire you so that you can go out and tell others about the Good News! (Mark 16:15-18)